Claim Status

List of claim statuses along with the entity capable of updating the claim to particular statuses

INITIATEDClaim has been created but will not be processed until the required data are submitted by the Insured.Insured
DATA_SUBMITTEDClaim data (forms, and files) has been filled and submitted by the Insured.Insured
EXPIREDInsured has not completed all of the necessary claim data within agreed time frame based on the insurance product terms.Insured
DATA_ON_REVIEWClaim has been successfully submitted by the Insured and is under review by Cermati Claim Team.Cermati/Insured
DATA_COMPLETEClaim has been reviewed by Cermati and proceeded to the Insurer for further analysis and confirmation.Cermati/Insured
DATA_INCOMPLETESubmitted claim has been reviewed by Cermati Claim Team but requires additional documents to proceed further.Cermati
APPROVEDClaim has been reviewed and approved by the Insurer.Insurer
REJECTEDClaim has been reviewed and rejected by the Insurer.Insurer
ADDITIONAL_DATAClaim has been reviewed by Insurer but requires additional documents to proceed further.Insurer
REIMBURSEMENT_TRANSFERREDFinal status. Claim has been paid by the Insurer to the Insured.Insurer
CANCELLEDClaim has been cancelled by the Insured. Cancelled claims will not be processed any further.Insured
JUNKJunk or testing claim.Cermati
InsuredCustomer(s) or organization whose name(s) is under the policy issuance and/or covered by the insurance.
InsurerInsurance Company that underwrites the insurance product (insurance risks).
CermatiCermati internal team (e.g. Claim Analyst, etc).