Getting Started with API

Cermati Insurance API is a Web Service that was developed by to help our partner to communicate with our Insurance service provided by Cermati Protect. Our API is organized by REST and uses standard HTTP response codes, verbs, and authentication.

Cermati Insurance API design revolves around the product type of the insured object. The following are the mapping for Cermati’s existing insurance product to the supported product type.

Product typeInsurance product example:
Goods- Gadget (Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook)
- Product liability (food, beverage, cosmetic)
- Quality merchandise (bicycle, electronic device, fashion items)
ShippingShipping and Re-shipping Insurance
CreditCredit Insurance
PersonalPersonal Accident, Dengue, Typhus Insurance
PropertyHome Insurance, FLEXAS, Non-hotel accommodation owner.
AccommodationHotel Insurance, Non-hotel accommodation customer.
TransportationFlight Insurance, Train Insurance

This API specification focuses on how the insurance application is processed. Partners required to choose insurance based on their needs, conduct appraisal of the object, and handle payment from the partner's client/customer.


What’s Next